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minimalist christmas tree

Minimalist Holiday Decor

It’s that time of year again! Time to deck the halls, the tree and the whole house!

There are countless ways to decorate for the holidays and so much amazing inspiration on social media I thought I would pull a few of my favourites from Pinterest.

My current mood is minimalist. Although I can tell you right now my house will not be done up in the minimalist fashion because my little one is currently LOVING sparkles and anything twinkling. What is your holiday style?

minimalist christmas treeminimalist holiday decor

minimalist holiday decor advent calender

minimalist christmas tree 3

minimalist holiday decor

Image - parison-pendant-(delo loevs design lighting post)

Swoon worth Pendant lights

I love lighting design but even more I love the process of sourcing a feature light on a project.  It is a great way to introduce colour and/or a sculptural component to a room.

As a designer, I have a couple lighting rules I live by.

1)      Lighting should never be an afterthought. (Meaning, carefully plan your zones, the activities that take place and the amount of lighting you require.) 

2)      Lighting should always be layered. (Meaning, task, general, directional and ambient lighting all need to be considered in a space.)

3)      There should always be one statement light (this may be a splurge) mixed with more functional, affordable but  still aesthetically pleasing lighting (a save).

4)      Lighting control is a must wherever possible. (Meaning, dimmer switches, motion sensors and other devices that allow for light control and power savings.)

Here are a few pendant lights I am currently swooning over.

 Pendant lights- delo loves design

1.(Splurge) Designer: Nat Cheshire -  Parison Pendant Retailer: Klaus I love the subtle colour in the glass,  the shape and scale.

2. (Splurge) Designer:  Tom Dixon – Etch in colour Bronze  Retailer: Klaus I love the sculptural quality and bronze/gold metal finish.

3. (Save) Prism pendant Retailer: West Elm (currently on sale!) I love the sculptural quality and brushed bronze finish gives it  anice touch of drama.

4. (Save) Polished nickel one light pendant Retailer: Royal Lighting I love the sculptural shape, brushed nickel finish and the frosted glass, which is perfect for diffusing light and concealing a power saving bulb.

Thanks for stopping by! Dianne

Geometric floor patterns

Geometric floor pattern: Trend review

At the start of the year I wrote about my predicated trends for 2014 and thought it would be fun to review them again and see what has actually taken off and what has sizzled out or simple not been as big of a hit as we thought.

Bold geometric floor patterns was one. See the original post here.

With the increased availability of milling machines tile manufacturers are able to design and cut very detailed and complex patterns they once couldn’t do so easily. Anything they can design can basically be cut, they then  mount them on 12×12 mesh sheets which makes it easier for installation and more affordable to the consumer. Don’t get me wrong it is still labor intensive to install so you will want a skilled tiler to complete your job but it has definitely become much easier for them to do.

Needless to say this trend is popping up everywhere! You can see detailed bold geometric tiles in almost every tile store, restaurants, and in popular design magazines.

Below are a few of my favs via Home and Garden Magazine UK edition

floor patterns inspiration

Water melon cocktails

Watermelon Mimosa recipe

I can’t believe it’s already mid July! Happy summer everyone.

I’ve been MIA from the blog world for the last few months focusing on my lovely little daughter. She is absolutely amazing and I’m loving every minute I get to spend with her.  Most of my time these days (when it’s not centered around her) is spent visiting with family and friends. For the first summer in years we don’t have any weddings to go to but I do have a few bridal showers! In preparation for one I’ve been trolling the internet looking for drink ideas and have settled on this one for the party. I’ll let you know how it turns out…. but have doubt it will be a winner!

Recipe found on pinterest via  check out her website for full instructions and prep photos.

bridal shower drink idea


1 Mint, Fresh
6 Oranges, Juice from large
1/4 Watermelon, large


1 Sugar or honey

Beer, Wine & Liquor

1 bottle Champagne


Fingers crossed this turns out!

Hotel Viura

Hotel Viura

Hotel Viura is a stunning cutting edge hotel nestled in a  traditional Spanish wine village in the Rioja Alavesa region.

This is the perfect home base for exploring all the different vineyard throughout the region. I’ve heard the hotel restaurant food and service is amazing which is an added bonus when you are staying somewhere a bit more remote with fewer dining options. The rooms are open concept (that includes the bathroom) and have a modern raw edge to them. The cubic forms which make up the hotel ensure an unobstructed view of the stunning landscape for each unit and if that’s not enough they have a roof top bar where you can see a panoramic view while enjoying local wines.

If you love travel, wine and unique hotels this might be one worth checking out!

(images via: Hotel Viura)

Viura Hotel- roomHotel Viura - bathroomViura hotel terraza__suite_





Hotel restaurant Hotel ViuraHotel Viura - cubes

Party decor and supplies - oh joy!

Party decor and baby shower ideas

So for those of you not in the know we are having our baby any day now! We couldn’t be more excited to have a little spring baby. This past weekend my Mom and Sil (Sister in-law) hosted a beautiful baby shower for me. Every last detail was beautiful and it was such an wonderful afternoon with all my family and friends. I thought I would show you a few images of the stunning treat table that was just as yummy as it was beautiful.

baby shower decor ideas- delolovesdesign

Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party or just bbq with friends entertaining in style has become so much easier. I fell in love with this new line available at Target called Oh Joy! Her line has everything you could possibly need to pull together a stunning casual event. The prices are also a huge plus! Here are a few of my favourite  products.

You can check out the full line here.

Party decor for spring

Feature wall designs on Pinterest

Happy Thursday everyone!

I could spend an entire afternoon on Pinterest looking through boards and cataloging inspiration. There are so many beautiful and unique designs all you need is a little free time on your hands to sort through it all. Given I’m on bed rest at the moment it has been a bit easier for me to find the time. lol

Here is what I’m loving on Pinterest lately:  (To see the entire board follow the link on the right side bar.)

Feature wall designs- delo loves design pinterest 5 pinterest 4 pinterest 3 pinterest 2 Pinterest 1

Copper lighting pendant

Pendant lighting: Copper finish

Copper metal is not really new but it has been very on trend and readily available in popular design stores across the country for 2013/14. I love copper and think it works beautifully with everything from the more modern interior to the eclectic space. Here are a few of my favourite pendant light options. These would look amazing over a kitchen island, dining room or above a vanity. (Feature image via: Maison Belle) (All other images listed below)

Copper lighting - delolovesdesign

1/ 2/3/ 4/5/6/

Stellaben store front

Interior Design: Where to shop for unique home decor items

People are often asking me where to shop to find interesting unique items for the home. While of course there are many local stores to check out I wanted to share one of my favourite places, which thanks to the internet is accessible to us all.

The store is called Stilleben and they sell a unique range of beautifully designed ceramics, accessories, textiles, jewelry and graphic prints by Danish and international designers. They carry lines from top designers such as: Cecilia Forsberg, Julie Bonde, Society, Luckyboysunday, Christiane Perrochon, George Jensen, MUD, Cecilie Manz, Inge Vincent, Aymara, Kæhler, Helena Rohner, Yvonne Koné, Made a Mano, Tina Ratzer, Berit Mogensen Lopez, Playtype, Gubi, Scosha, ATWTP, Muuto.  Check out more about the owners and available items here.

I’ve pulled together some of my current obsessions below. 1/2/ 3/ 4 /5 / 6/ 7  (I’m very close to pulling trigger on #7, if only it were my birthday….)

Stellaben - blog feature home decor


Painting tips and tricks

Painting tips and tricks for the DIYer

After a weekend of painting I thought I would share some thoughts on how to get the best results and potentially save some time… here it goes!

1. Prep work: This is the first and most crucial step.

Purchase a drop sheet and painters tape.

Taping and prepping to paint always takes the longest… well that and cutting in… To avoid any blunders I put the painters tape along the wall and attached the plastic drop sheet to it as well. This way you are sure to capture stray paint that may have otherwise fallen on your floors, baseboards or both.

Tip: Make sure to push down the paint at the top of the baseboard. This area often springs free and you want to maintain a clean line along this area. Try pushing it down with a flat edge (metal ruler, scraper or other house tool with a flat edge).

2. Patching holes and sanding imperfections:

Every wonder how professional painters get smooth walls. Well, it’s all in the prep. Remove all nail holes and fill them and lightly sand smooth. If  your walls are “newer” take cleaning wipes or a de-greases and clean them. If you walls are “older” with many layers of paint build up you may opt to go straight for sanding with a fine grit paper. This will smooth out any old paintbrush strokes, drips or imperfects in the walls.

3. Loading your brush and cutting in: Now you’re ready to prime the walls.

First dip your paint brush in the primer/paint about 1 ½ -2” make sure enough is on and then on the side of the can or tray tap down to shed excess paint. Don’t wipe because you lose too much paint in the process.

When you apply to the wall start about 1” above your taped area and work your way toward the tape line thinning out the paint. This prevents paint build up at the tape line and ultimately leakage.

4.  Priming walls:

Tip: For dark or saturated colours always look at the paint manufacturers recommendations. Often for really strong colours they will specify a  coloured primer which helps to bring out the paint colour. I always recommend doing this because it’s the only way to ensure you get the exact colour you feel in love with. I frequently use Sherwin Williams for their bright and bold colours.  The primer code is always available on the paint card so take a look before purchasing or ask a sales associate.

Time Saver tip: Two in one primer/paint combinations:

More recently, in our own home we used Benjamin Moore Regal paint line because we were told it had great coverage and you didn’t need to prime because it was a two in one. I was a bit sceptical but being as pregnant as I am I thought my husband could use all the help he could get. We went from a very dark grey to a white. The first coat was a bit dicey looking but by the time the second coat went on I was amazed at the coverage and that it really did only need 2 coats of paint! I highly recommend this product.

5. Painting: So you’ve primed and now you get to fun part seeing the colour on the walls!

Disclaimer: No two paints are created equal, so don’t cheap out and expect to get great coverage. Higher quality paints do provide a better finish and coverage.

Apply paint in a “W” pattern and reverse back over the unpainted area in an “M” pattern. See image below. You get good coverage and no streaks.  Always completely finish one wall before moving to the next.

Tip: Paint dries to a different colour so don’t judge it until you’ve allowed it to dry completely. 6 hours is ideal. If something is slightly off you can go back and have them add to lighten or darken if need be.

6. Clean-up: It’s the end of the day and you still have more to do tomorrow. Clean-up will be key.

Completely clean the paint tray, or as a time saver purchase tray liners. Brushes can be wrapped in wrap in cellophane if you plan to go back at it in a few hours. Note roller and brushes need time to dry, you don’t want to paint with a damp or wet roller or brush. It waters down the paint and will look horrible.

Painting tips and trick for diy