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Flirting with freedom

On a personal note:

After 14 days of “resting” the beast is officially getting her stitches out this afternoon! I’m especially happy because the last few days she has been driving me nuts, tearing around the house like a wild thing, stealing socks and pulling my pant legs (I have the holes to prove it).

For a dog that gets at least 2 hours of exercise a day including a long dog park run/play sessions this “resting” concept is not one she likes or understands. I know she must be wondering what happened to her old awesome life where she ran and wrestled with her dog park crew. Soon beast.. soon!

Snow falling

Touch of whimsy

Another snow day!

I was hoping the weather would increasingly get warmer and dryer but it turns out Mother nature feels differently. We have about a foot of snow in Toronto and it continues to fall.  Taking an optimistic approach to the storm I thought I would look at the pretty side of winter, which for me is the falling snow. I love how it brighten the dark night with its reflective quality and sparkles in the air.  These lights would add a delicate sparkle to any space and remind me a lot of the snow flake.

(Above the Heracleum light by Mooi available at Klaus)

(Found on one of my shopping days at AM lighting)

Stunning much? (Installation art - Moondust, was created by Spencer Finch {for the Venice Biennale})

(Below: Cmxy light fixture – image from manufacturer/designer)

(Dandelion Image via Architizer)

Happy Friday everyone!

Toronto’s got CB2

When I saw we (Torontonians) were getting a CB2 I was pumped. Years back I was gifted birch stacking boxes from the New York Store an since then I’m always looking on the website to see what they have, hoping they will expand into Canada. I got my wish! Their new store is located on Queen Street West and Bathurst. Two full floors of furniture and other finds.

For those of you not familiar with the brand/store I would say their target market is young adults, but the pieces they sell would appeal to anyone with an urban style sense (or an urban square footage). They have larger furniture items like beds, tables, sofas and wall units to smaller items like art, vases, plates and cutlery. As far as price point goes I would say it could be along the lines of EQ3.

What I loved about their current stock is the bold pops of colour,  textured fabrics and mix of concrete(like) and wood finishes.

Click on the photos for descriptions.

Street summerhill shops

Shopping in Toronto

I love furniture shopping for clients, especially in Toronto. Whether you are looking for Italian imports or trying to minimize your carbon footprint (highly recommended) by keep your selection to local manufacturers there is no shortage of great stores and boutiques. Below are a few images I took while shopping for one of my residential clients. Almost all of these furniture pieces are manufactured in Canada (most in Montreal). The price points on these are great and if you are comfortable with a floor model you can almost always get a deal (provided they are willing to part with it).

If you like what you see: Check out Domison FurnitureG.H Johnson , Shelter furniture, Visitor parking

Happy hunting!


Brick works trails

Love Toronto

and the Evergreen brick works……

If you haven’t heard of this former brick manufacturing quarry in downtown Toronto it is a centre for experiencing the relationship between nature, culture and community. It should be on your summer must see list.

Bike or walk from Rosedale subway station through the tree lined trails, take the TTC, or drive there ~ It’s worth it.  Located: 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 3X8(416) 596-1495 ‎ website:

View from the old quarry looking south toward the centre. The centre is a great example of adaptive reuse of more than 95% of existing buildings.

Wildlife-friendly stormwater management channels, swales and pond allow for turtles, fish, birds and other animals and insects to live comfortably.The above image is the view from the lookout  down onto walking trails in the quarry.

Evergreen Brick Works is situated in the heart of Toronto’s ravine network, adjacent to the Lower Don River and within its floodplain. Mud Creek runs through the site and four ponds filter stormwater and provide habitat in the quarry gardens.

Sculptural living wall adds an Eco-friendly artistic touch to the outdoor space.

The site uses collected rainwater to irrigate gardens, service washrooms and provide water for the cooling tower on the roof of the Centre for Green Cities.

They have done an amazing job of incorporating beautiful installation art throughout the outdoor and indoor spaces.

Here you can see one of the indoor educational gathering spaces.

You can walk through the old production area to see the kilns, some old equipment and graffiti. Check out there website to see whats going on this summer


Love Toronto

Yeah I do… Because I get to walk by this house everyday….

Different then you remembered?  It’s his weekend car- better on gas.


Ok, so last time you saw the movie he had a different ride that was more suited to crime fighting… but this next house/car combo made sure to have a cohesive theme.

I wonder what came first the car or the house…. either way they have a good thing going on.


Love Toronto

Me too! Here’s why……. OPA!!!!

Nope. I did not take this photo in Greece. This is 2011 and this photo was taken in the west end of Toronto. The amount of detail that went into creating this is unreal. The entire exterior is finished  with ornate detailing. I can only imagine what the interior looks like.