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I see a lot of new home owners in Toronto struggling to deal with the costs of renovating their entire home. Typically a first time buyer (in a major city) can only afford an older home which almost always needs some serious TLC.  When they are ready to start the renovation process they want to renovate the kitchen, bathroom or basement but rarely have money left over to work on the other spaces.  These spaces are typically bedrooms, dining room, or a home office which consist of 4 walls, a floor and a ceiling. The struggle is how can you make the space look dynamic without building or changing architectural elements and do it on a budget. The answer…at least for today’s post is paint the ceilings or paint the floors.


Painted ceilings are great in a master bedroom, childrens room or fitness room. Ideally places where you or your children spend time staring upward. Below are some great examples, remember this is not the Sistine Chapel so there is nothing to freak out about.  It can be as simple as painting it a different colour from the walls. The greatest thing about paint is if you don’t like it you can paint over it so don’t be so safe with your selection.

(Above: Off set stripes in light blue add subtle impact in this restaurant)

(Above: Great example of painted geometric wood floors and a pop of colour on the ceiling)

(Above: This brushed gold ceiling adds warmth and a reflective quality to this sophisticated dining room)

(Above: Painted wood paneled ceiling in citrus yellow)


Painted flooring looks amazing in a dining room, office space or bedroom or anywhere you want to make an impact. Older homes are particularly ideal because the hardwood usually suffers some kind of  damage over the years or it is unearthed after you rip up old carpet and imperfections are revealed.

(Above: a weathered floor looks perfect with warn antique white decals)

(Above: The zigzag is popular pattern right now and looks awesome in this bathroom application)

(Above: Diamond pattern on wide plank wood flooring)

(Above: The porch is another good spot to add colour to, this floral inspired-painted area rug is a great addition)

Tips for painting ceilings:

If you have an older home and the ceilings are plaster there will be minor cracks, bulging and imperfections I would recommend using a flat paint. Flat paints absorb the light better and won’t highlight the cracks the way an eggshell paint would.

If you have a newer ceiling or had it in the budget to drywall laminate over the old plaster you can use any finish. For a more dramatic look in a dining room for example you can use a high gloss paint that will reflect light through the space and give the impression of  higher ceilings.

Tips for painting floors:

Your floors should always be sanded down first and washed prior to priming. The best approach is allowing for the floors to dry at least 24 hours before painting the first primer coat. If you are using a bold colour always ask the store for the recommended primer colour that goes with your selection. It’s best not to cheap out here because it will affect the outcome of the colour. Each coat or layer of the pattern should be painted and left for 24 hours to allow it to completely dry. Rushing it is not in your best interest.

(Images via: Design Sponge and Apartment therapy)

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