Inspiring Installation Art

Viewing Installation art is always an experience, female artists Cornelia Parker and Astrid Bin do an amazing job of bringing movement and volume to objects. Their installations make you feel as though you experienced a suspended moment in time.

Cornelia Parker

She is best known for large-scale installations such as Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View (1991), where she had a garden shed blown up by the British Army and suspended the fragments as if suspending the explosion process in time. In the centre was a light which cast the shadows of the wood dramatically on the walls of the room.

“I resurrect things that have been killed off… My work is all about the potential of materials – even when it looks like they’ve lost all possibilities.”  Cornelia Parker 1991

Cold dark matter: an exploded view,1991

Hanging fire- suspected Arson 1999.

Subconscious of a monument 2001

Astrid Bin

She is an interdisciplinary artist who works in two dimensional,  three dimensional, and four dimensional (time-based and performance works).  Astrid has exhibited in Canada, the UK, Italy, Portugal and Germany, and is currently based in Berlin. Below is an example of her work  “One thousand means of escape”.

(Via: ddiracrchitecture studio, the art desk, Astrid Bin facebook, Wiki)

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