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Interior Design trend spotting for 2014 – part 1

I’ve received some questions on how to update your home for the new year and  thought I would share a few more of my trend forecasting ideas with you over several posts. Most of these items you can incorporate in your home simply through decor, others are more geared toward those of you heading into a renovation.

1. Large feature showers. A move away from the grand bath tub and a shift towards the large spacious showers. Often seeing them designed to accommodate two. The rain shower heads are still big, along with the elimination of the shower curb. Many people are opting to have the slope change only with the larger drain capacity which provides a more spa like feel. Benches in the shower are another common addition, either teak/cedar or solid surface or natural stone material. Wondering what the bath tub trend is?  We are seeing a steady increase in the installation of free standing tubs over the alcove style. They have some stunning options available that retain heat and provide the ultimate tub experience. (More on that later)

Design trend post- showers
















2. Strong geometric floor patterns. Whether this is achieved through natural wood, ceramic, porcelain, or other materials we are seeing the emergence of exciting new floor patterns in strong contrasting colours. If you try out this trend remember to consider the scale of your space and select your pattern accordingly.

Design trend post- geometric floors
















3. Blue hues everywhere. From cobalt to navy  to pale tones, blues will be everywhere. Specifically in table top decor (plates, water jugs, table clothes) and fabric accents like throw pillows, duvet covers, curtains and other textiles. Incorporating blues into your spring summer style would be a great way to update for 2014.  Think about trying to pair different prints together to give a layered affect. The blues don’t have to match so try a few different tones. With all the great dinner wear options coming out it is sure to be all over the wedding/event planning as well.

Design trend post- blues
















Check back for the next three design trends for 2014!



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