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Interior Design: Where to shop for unique home decor items

People are often asking me where to shop to find interesting unique items for the home. While of course there are many local stores to check out I wanted to share one of my favourite places, which thanks to the internet is accessible to us all.

The store is called Stilleben and they sell a unique range of beautifully designed ceramics, accessories, textiles, jewelry and graphic prints by Danish and international designers. They carry lines from top designers such as: Cecilia Forsberg, Julie Bonde, Society, Luckyboysunday, Christiane Perrochon, George Jensen, MUD, Cecilie Manz, Inge Vincent, Aymara, Kæhler, Helena Rohner, Yvonne Koné, Made a Mano, Tina Ratzer, Berit Mogensen Lopez, Playtype, Gubi, Scosha, ATWTP, Muuto.  Check out more about the owners and available items here.

I’ve pulled together some of my current obsessions below. 1/2/ 3/ 4 /5 / 6/ 7  (I’m very close to pulling trigger on #7, if only it were my birthday….)

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