Black and white design inspiration

Interior Design Inspiration

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I feel like I could use another day to recover from mine. With buying a new house, packing, cleaning, getting ready for Christmas, working and with my bump slowing me down a bit I can officially say I’m drained today. In order to get me geared up for another packed work week I did some inspiration hunting.

Here are a few things I’m loving right now….

1. { Unique colour palettes: Right now I’m into a variety of coral tones, yellows, whites with black accents}

2. { Graphic prints in contrasting colours: Polka dots, triangles, scales, herringbone, chevron, arrow head, diamonds}

3. { Texture: faux fur, wood grain, wool, basket weaves, painted wood} This one is always high on my list!

4.  {Black and white line drawings and prints, graphic art}

5. {Mixed metals: Brass, bronze Copper, silver, platinum, chrome, gun metal and matte black all in one space}

Gift guide: For the hostess

The holiday season is here!

This time of year is always busy for us because aside from holiday parties and dinners about 1/3 of our friends and family also celebrate their birthdays in this month!

Needless to say I’m always on the hunt for creative gift ideas. This post is for the hostess in your life. Most of my friends and family love to entertain but I have a few who LIVE for this time of year! Hopefully something here works for you too!

{From the right – counter clockwise} 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Sneak peak – kitchen renovation

Happy Thursday everyone! Where has the week gone?

Today I thought I would share a  ”before and after” photo!

As a professional designer they aren’t something we  put in our portfolios but they do really help illustrate the possibilities of design. I thought I would share this photo from a project I completed earlier in the year.

In the before photo you are looking at the dining room and to the left was a small kitchen in a separate room. I made the former kitchen and dining area one large open concept space. I flipped the kitchen and dining room to allow for clear sight line into the family room (they have a young child) and introduced new large french doors off of the dining room space that could be opened up on warm summer nights. The window over the sink was replaced with a larger heritage window to maximize light flow into the kitchen work space.

Gale South Beach roof top pool

Art Deco architecture and design

This summer I had the pleasure of vacationing in the beautiful South Beach, Miami Florida. As you may  know this is THE place to so so many American Art Deco because it is the largest grouping of buildings from the time period.

We stayed at the Gale South Beach Hotel right on strip which I would definitely recommend to any one who appreciates a Boutique style of hotel so close to the beach. It was beautifully designed to have a mix of Art Deco, contemporary opulence and still maintained the past feel of Italian retreat. The floors were a stunning (oak import), with beautiful “Miami Art Deco” inspired chandeliers, mirror framed windows, dark stained wall paneling, Art Deco influenced furniture and vintage photography of the beach and opulent lifestyle that once existed there… and in a way still does. :-)

Like many of the buildings in that area there was a period in time when it vacant for several years and was in such rough shape due to neglect and vandalism much of the original hotel had to be demolished and rebuilt. The history (ups and downs) of Miami beach is really interesting if your curious check out a brief rundown here. Luckily their historical society  has regulation in place  that ensure the facades are kept on buildings that represent Miami Art Deco period which is wonderful. There is also lots of interesting info on the lady who spearheaded that here.

Here are some good representations of the Miami beach Art Deco architecture I snapped on a walking tour …

I should mention we went in August which kind of feels like being in steam room…

Art Deco - Miami

Art Decor Architecture - Miami beach Art Deco - South Beach Miami


Halloween table top decor

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and I’ve been searching for some inspiration. There are so many great decor ideas out there here are a few of my favorites! (I’m loving the white pumpkins below)

Fireplace design for Halloween

Halloween decor inspiration

navy dinign room cover

Moody dark navy blues

Blue is a stunning colour for the home and has become my go to in resent months. The key word here being it is an actual colour. For many years now people have been drawn to grays and various shades of white in design (my self included). While they look great, colour can also look amazing and be a wonderful additional to the home. There are several darker blues out there that can add a moody and dramatic touch while still remaining a neutral.

I rounded up a few I thought worked beautifully.

 (Images via: Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Pinterest)

I’m Back!

You may have noticed I went MIA for a while…

It’s been a very busy (but fun) summer. Between working on new projects, travel for weddings and a few vacations I found my self with literally no free time! I had the best intentions to write a post but they always seemed to get lost in the draft pile! I have finally found myself with some “free” time and thought I would tell you some things I’ve been up to.

1. September 1st was my company, Delo Interiors 3rd anniversary! They say time flies when you do what you love I can personally account for having no idea where the last three years have gone. I feel so blessed to have worked on so many interesting projects with truly amazing clients, vendors and contractors! I look forward to all the projects and experiences in the years to follow! A big thank you to friends, family and clients for all your support.

2.  In-light of a new year our website is in the middle of receiving a redesign. I’m very excited to share it with you! It will hopefully be launch in a week or two if I can get my act in gear and finish inputting everything. Much thanks to a talented web-designer who worked on it for me.

3.  The new website gave me a much needed push to go edit some of the portfolio images we photographed earlier in the spring and encouraged me to book the outstanding ones. Below is a sneak peak from one of the houses I renovated.

Full project images coming soon!

Designer: Dianne Leadbetter

Photo credit: Delo Interiors Inc/Gavin B.

Silk orchid area rugs

If your lifestyle and budget permits you to buy a large scale silk area rug you are not going to regret it. They feel as good underfoot as they look. I just love the colours and pattern in the Silk Orchid collection available at Elte. These jewel toned rugs would be perfection in a dining room, living room or bedroom. Below are a few I’ve been eyeing…

(Above: Silk Orchid 100% silk and made in India $11,595.00)

(Above: Silk Orchid yellow 100% silk and made in India $18,835.00)

(Above: Silk Orchid blue 100% silk and made in India $20,635.00)

(All images via

What do you think?





Garage door = Industrial goodness

These industrial garage doors are stunning and when painted black they look so dramatic.  This look has always been a dream of mine but unfortunately Toronto weather doesn’t quite permit it. The thin glass and metal would be your worst nightmare come winter.

Luckily for us Northerners there are some options available to us so we can make the most of spring/summer. Where the industrial quality lacks you still achieve the large opening with insulated glass insert doors that open onto each other. Perfect for entertaining or expanding your living space in the warmer months. See the second image below.

glass steel garage door

(via Duke and Marie)

Overhead Garage Doors are an interesting way to have both a glass wall and a free flow of indoor space with outdoor areas.

OK, not a garage door but I love how the open spans of these doors and how they create the same effect. This is the Canadian version perhaps.

(image via Lesson)

LIVING ROOM // loft space w/ garage door windows. I would so love to move my kitchen downstairs and have this off the back of the house.

(image via: Pintrest)

Garage door usage in South African house located just minutes from Cape Town in the Bay of Llandudno.

(image via pintrest)



Artist feature – Ana Montiel

When I first saw Ana’s work I was completely drawn in, specifically to her more recent and ongoing project “Visual Mantras” where she explores repetitive drawing as a meditation itself.  She uses geometric shapes, colour, pattern, and a fluid repetition that is both stimulating and calming.  You can see work in more depth on her website here. (All images via:

Below is my favourite wallpaper print, it reminds me of an early topography map. Aside from how stunning it looks there are other qualities  that make this a winner for me. Printed on non-woven paper brought directly from sustainable sources from Finland. The paper is also Low in VOC’s, and won’t warp or smear during installation because of it’s non-woven construction.


(Above: Her wall paper Topo Coco which is a limited edition)


 (Above: Topo Azul Limited addition wallpaper $100 Euro)

Other works…. WILD GEOMETRY (Perfectly titled)



I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!