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minimalist christmas tree

Minimalist Holiday Decor

It’s that time of year again! Time to deck the halls, the tree and the whole house!

There are countless ways to decorate for the holidays and so much amazing inspiration on social media I thought I would pull a few of my favourites from Pinterest.

My current mood is minimalist. Although I can tell you right now my house will not be done up in the minimalist fashion because my little one is currently LOVING sparkles and anything twinkling. What is your holiday style?

minimalist christmas treeminimalist holiday decor

minimalist holiday decor advent calender

minimalist christmas tree 3

minimalist holiday decor

Geometric floor patterns

Geometric floor pattern: Trend review

At the start of the year I wrote about my predicated trends for 2014 and thought it would be fun to review them again and see what has actually taken off and what has sizzled out or simple not been as big of a hit as we thought.

Bold geometric floor patterns was one. See the original post here.

With the increased availability of milling machines tile manufacturers are able to design and cut very detailed and complex patterns they once couldn’t do so easily. Anything they can design can basically be cut, they then  mount them on 12×12 mesh sheets which makes it easier for installation and more affordable to the consumer. Don’t get me wrong it is still labor intensive to install so you will want a skilled tiler to complete your job but it has definitely become much easier for them to do.

Needless to say this trend is popping up everywhere! You can see detailed bold geometric tiles in almost every tile store, restaurants, and in popular design magazines.

Below are a few of my favs via Home and Garden Magazine UK edition

floor patterns inspiration