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Image - parison-pendant-(delo loevs design lighting post)

Swoon worth Pendant lights

I love lighting design but even more I love the process of sourcing a feature light on a project.  It is a great way to introduce colour and/or a sculptural component to a room.

As a designer, I have a couple lighting rules I live by.

1)      Lighting should never be an afterthought. (Meaning, carefully plan your zones, the activities that take place and the amount of lighting you require.) 

2)      Lighting should always be layered. (Meaning, task, general, directional and ambient lighting all need to be considered in a space.)

3)      There should always be one statement light (this may be a splurge) mixed with more functional, affordable but  still aesthetically pleasing lighting (a save).

4)      Lighting control is a must wherever possible. (Meaning, dimmer switches, motion sensors and other devices that allow for light control and power savings.)

Here are a few pendant lights I am currently swooning over.

 Pendant lights- delo loves design

1.(Splurge) Designer: Nat Cheshire -  Parison Pendant Retailer: Klaus I love the subtle colour in the glass,  the shape and scale.

2. (Splurge) Designer:  Tom Dixon – Etch in colour Bronze  Retailer: Klaus I love the sculptural quality and bronze/gold metal finish.

3. (Save) Prism pendant Retailer: West Elm (currently on sale!) I love the sculptural quality and brushed bronze finish gives it  anice touch of drama.

4. (Save) Polished nickel one light pendant Retailer: Royal Lighting I love the sculptural shape, brushed nickel finish and the frosted glass, which is perfect for diffusing light and concealing a power saving bulb.

Thanks for stopping by! Dianne

Brilliant blue pendant lights.

I’m always getting asked for ideas about pendant lights, where they should be placed in the room, how high, the ideal proportions and if I’ve come across any unique fixtures. So….when I was on the hunt today I thought I would do a quick post to show some unique fixtures I am considering for a client. In my case I’m looking for a light that falls under these categories:  

  • is a primary colour, ideally blue
  • is made of glass
  • has a unique one-of quality (reclaimed, vintage, handmade or found object vibe)
  • has some texture (tactile or visual)
  • is between 4-8″ wide and between 4-10″ high

So far I’m considering the aqua blue fixture top/middle light, and the two bottom left and right lights.


The above lights are from LBL lighting

Have you seen any interesting pendants?