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Image - parison-pendant-(delo loevs design lighting post)

Swoon worth Pendant lights

I love lighting design but even more I love the process of sourcing a feature light on a project.  It is a great way to introduce colour and/or a sculptural component to a room.

As a designer, I have a couple lighting rules I live by.

1)      Lighting should never be an afterthought. (Meaning, carefully plan your zones, the activities that take place and the amount of lighting you require.) 

2)      Lighting should always be layered. (Meaning, task, general, directional and ambient lighting all need to be considered in a space.)

3)      There should always be one statement light (this may be a splurge) mixed with more functional, affordable but  still aesthetically pleasing lighting (a save).

4)      Lighting control is a must wherever possible. (Meaning, dimmer switches, motion sensors and other devices that allow for light control and power savings.)

Here are a few pendant lights I am currently swooning over.

 Pendant lights- delo loves design

1.(Splurge) Designer: Nat Cheshire -  Parison Pendant Retailer: Klaus I love the subtle colour in the glass,  the shape and scale.

2. (Splurge) Designer:  Tom Dixon – Etch in colour Bronze  Retailer: Klaus I love the sculptural quality and bronze/gold metal finish.

3. (Save) Prism pendant Retailer: West Elm (currently on sale!) I love the sculptural quality and brushed bronze finish gives it  anice touch of drama.

4. (Save) Polished nickel one light pendant Retailer: Royal Lighting I love the sculptural shape, brushed nickel finish and the frosted glass, which is perfect for diffusing light and concealing a power saving bulb.

Thanks for stopping by! Dianne

Hotel Viura

Hotel Viura

Hotel Viura is a stunning cutting edge hotel nestled in a  traditional Spanish wine village in the Rioja Alavesa region.

This is the perfect home base for exploring all the different vineyard throughout the region. I’ve heard the hotel restaurant food and service is amazing which is an added bonus when you are staying somewhere a bit more remote with fewer dining options. The rooms are open concept (that includes the bathroom) and have a modern raw edge to them. The cubic forms which make up the hotel ensure an unobstructed view of the stunning landscape for each unit and if that’s not enough they have a roof top bar where you can see a panoramic view while enjoying local wines.

If you love travel, wine and unique hotels this might be one worth checking out!

(images via: Hotel Viura)

Viura Hotel- roomHotel Viura - bathroomViura hotel terraza__suite_





Hotel restaurant Hotel ViuraHotel Viura - cubes

design trends 2014- delolovesdesign

Interior Design trend spotting for 2014 – part 1

I’ve received some questions on how to update your home for the new year and  thought I would share a few more of my trend forecasting ideas with you over several posts. Most of these items you can incorporate in your home simply through decor, others are more geared toward those of you heading into a renovation.

1. Large feature showers. A move away from the grand bath tub and a shift towards the large spacious showers. Often seeing them designed to accommodate two. The rain shower heads are still big, along with the elimination of the shower curb. Many people are opting to have the slope change only with the larger drain capacity which provides a more spa like feel. Benches in the shower are another common addition, either teak/cedar or solid surface or natural stone material. Wondering what the bath tub trend is?  We are seeing a steady increase in the installation of free standing tubs over the alcove style. They have some stunning options available that retain heat and provide the ultimate tub experience. (More on that later)

Design trend post- showers
















2. Strong geometric floor patterns. Whether this is achieved through natural wood, ceramic, porcelain, or other materials we are seeing the emergence of exciting new floor patterns in strong contrasting colours. If you try out this trend remember to consider the scale of your space and select your pattern accordingly.

Design trend post- geometric floors
















3. Blue hues everywhere. From cobalt to navy  to pale tones, blues will be everywhere. Specifically in table top decor (plates, water jugs, table clothes) and fabric accents like throw pillows, duvet covers, curtains and other textiles. Incorporating blues into your spring summer style would be a great way to update for 2014.  Think about trying to pair different prints together to give a layered affect. The blues don’t have to match so try a few different tones. With all the great dinner wear options coming out it is sure to be all over the wedding/event planning as well.

Design trend post- blues
















Check back for the next three design trends for 2014!



Sneak peak – kitchen renovation

Happy Thursday everyone! Where has the week gone?

Today I thought I would share a  ”before and after” photo!

As a professional designer they aren’t something we  put in our portfolios but they do really help illustrate the possibilities of design. I thought I would share this photo from a project I completed earlier in the year.

In the before photo you are looking at the dining room and to the left was a small kitchen in a separate room. I made the former kitchen and dining area one large open concept space. I flipped the kitchen and dining room to allow for clear sight line into the family room (they have a young child) and introduced new large french doors off of the dining room space that could be opened up on warm summer nights. The window over the sink was replaced with a larger heritage window to maximize light flow into the kitchen work space.

navy dinign room cover

Moody dark navy blues

Blue is a stunning colour for the home and has become my go to in resent months. The key word here being it is an actual colour. For many years now people have been drawn to grays and various shades of white in design (my self included). While they look great, colour can also look amazing and be a wonderful additional to the home. There are several darker blues out there that can add a moody and dramatic touch while still remaining a neutral.

I rounded up a few I thought worked beautifully.

 (Images via: Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Pinterest)


Thrift store find

A few months back I fell in love with a pair of slim-line brass candles sticks I saw at a home decor store. They were retailing at over $200.00 dollars and I couldn’t justify the cost given I didn’t  have an ideal spot for them in our house. (insert sad face here)

About 3 weeks later I was walking to the bank and spotted virtually the same solid brass candle sticks for the low low price of $15.00 for all 5. They needed some TLC but I got them looking new again in about 15 minutes. (That’s the beauty with brass, silver and and other metals that tarnish – they do clean-up!)

I’m really happy with the way they turned out, now I just need to find slim white candles to complete the look.










(Before with a little bit of Silvo polish on the base)














(This is what I used to clean remove the tarnish, worked like a gem.)














(See the difference? This is with one aggressive polish session.)

Snow falling

Touch of whimsy

Another snow day!

I was hoping the weather would increasingly get warmer and dryer but it turns out Mother nature feels differently. We have about a foot of snow in Toronto and it continues to fall.  Taking an optimistic approach to the storm I thought I would look at the pretty side of winter, which for me is the falling snow. I love how it brighten the dark night with its reflective quality and sparkles in the air.  These lights would add a delicate sparkle to any space and remind me a lot of the snow flake.

(Above the Heracleum light by Mooi available at Klaus)

(Found on one of my shopping days at AM lighting)

Stunning much? (Installation art - Moondust, was created by Spencer Finch {for the Venice Biennale})

(Below: Cmxy light fixture – image from manufacturer/designer)

(Dandelion Image via Architizer)

Happy Friday everyone!

Barcelona, Spain and Gaudi

(This post is long over due given it’s approaching a year since I took these photo’s but better late then never!)

Part 1

Antoni Gaudi 1852 – 1926 Architect, designer and one of the most internationally prestigious figures in Spanish architecture to date. As you can imagine from seeing his work below he was both adored and heavely criticized for his innovative and imaginative approach to architecture. Unfortunately the pictures I took don’t even begin to do his work justice. He was involved in every aspect working closely with artists and trades and craftsman to ensure his vision was well executed. He designed everything from tile gradation to door handles, window frames, chairs you name it he had his hand in it. I’m sure you can see from his unique style (heavily influenced by the sea, animal life and movement, adornment and jewels) you can’t just put any ol’ chair and dining room table in the house designed like this!

(Dining room to outdoor garden space)

(Gaudi Chair)

I took the above images of Casa Batlló in Barcelona, Spain which was built in 1877 and remodelled in the years 1904–1906.

As a designer (also with an architect husband) I can’t even begin to tell you how much admiration we had for him after seeing this in the flesh.  All the hours and sleepless nights that must have gone into this house!

I’m sure you can see why he is the father of Organic construction – I dare you to find one square edge!