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Impact of pattern

Everyone should introduce a little pattern and texture into their space. A great pattern can add a lot of interest to a room, in previous posts we have seen how it can be done in various paint applications so today’s focus is on textiles.  A few good fabrics can bring an entire design scheme together. It can be drawn on for colour palette inspiration or help to showcase your personality.

Tips: If you apprehensive about pattern start with more cost effective items like table settings, pillows, lamp shades and small area rugs until you gain confidence in your selections. Or – pick up that fabric you love, by a small piece, frame it or mount it on the wall for an art alternative.

(Images above Via: http://www.marthastewart.com)

(Fabrics showcased found at Designer fabrics in Toronto)

Example of framed fabrics:

If your located in Toronto or visiting from out of town and want some textile inspiration check out … Textile Museum of Canada

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